Screening and discussion in Tbilisi

On October 23 the Eyewitness Studio with support of “Open Society-Georgia” foundation arranged a screening of several short documentaries – ‘Inguri bridge’, ‘Telavi serial: Tattoo’ and ‘Ajara cowboys’, followed by a discussion. Representatives of several NGOs and diplomatic missions, members of electronic and print media as well as the authors of the films were present at the screening. The opening address was made by the “Open Society-Georgia” programs coordinator Irakli Tsertsvadze.

The screening was narrated by Mariam Betlemidze , one of the co-founders of GO Group. The authors of the shown films shared with the viewers their experiences, spoke about the difficulties they had faced while making the films, spoke about the heroes of their films. They also answered the questions of the audience.
‘Television serves the main goal to show the miserable life of Georgians in Abkhazia. There is more honesty and sincerity in the film ‘Inguri bridge’ than in what television offers us’ – said journalist Tea Mosia.

‘Good thing is that majority of the films are made by ordinary people, and it is obvious. People tell their stories and don’t represent anybody’s interests but their own. It makes very good impression upon the viewers,’ – says Malkhaz Chkadua, a student.

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