‘This Happened on New Year Eve’- JAMnews announces a photo contest

JAMnews has announced a photo contest to reveal the best New Year photo. Interested individuals should submit for the contest one photo on the following theme: ‘This happened on the New Year Eve…’

December is a special months. People don’t think so much about their own mistakes and make future plans in any other season of the year, as they do it on the New Year eve. A photo of a shop assistant closing his small store, decorated with the low-cost garlands, may turn into a magic New Year story. JAMnews will be happy to receive your photos and brief stories depicting frustrations and hopes, with which the whole air is filled on the New Year eve.

– Photos can be taken by both, professional and amateur cameras, as well as bu mobile phones.

– Photos and brief stories should be submitted to JAMnews via Facebook message. Please, include the photo author’s name and some personal info.

– Interested individuals are welcome to submit their photos until December 30, 2016. The winner will be revealed on January 13.

Under the contest rules, the 1st place winner photo will be named by the special jury, whereas the 2nd place winner will be selected by Facebook users. A photo with the most likes wins.

The author of the 1st place photo will be awarded a tablet, whereas the 2nd place winner will be granted an electronics shop money voucher.

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