Go Group gets engaged in Women Rights’ Week

Go Group Media’s film ‘Girls have their say’ was screened as part of the women rights week, on March 7. The film features gender equality issues and tells the story of several girls from Samegrelo, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kvemo and Shida Kartli regions.

‘From Rosa to Simona’ feminist film festival has been held in such format for the 4th year already.  There is one thing that unites all films presented as part of the festival – the women who struggle and change not only their own life, but also other peoples’ lives, thus becoming the actors who bring major social and cultural changes.

Some other films by Georgian filmmakers, including ‘Qedeli’ (director Liana Jakeli, Studio Mobile-Accent on Action (SMAA)) and “What’s happening now” (director Anuna Bukia), were also screened as part of the festival alongside Go Group Media’s film. ‘Writer of O’, a documentary by French filmmaker, Pola Rapaport (2004) was premiered in Georgia on the film festival sidelines.

The project was organized by the Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG).


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