2 years after the flood in Tbilisi

Tbilisi marks the second anniversary of the disastrous flood in Tbilisi, which claimed the lives of 21 people. JAMnews video (2016 year) describes tragedy that occurred in Tbilisi.

It was a real shock not only for Georgia, but for the whole world.

that’s the dire statistics as a result of the Vere River’s bursting its banks overnight on June 13:

20 people were killed

2 missing

154 families were left homeless

800 people were affected by flood

56 million GEL – the total loss

Washed away houses and vehicles, flooded zoo and wild animals in Tbilisi center.

A hippopotamus roaming the street in the vicinity of the overhead road got into the international media’s focus.
June 13 was undoubtedly the year’s most tragic day for Georgia.

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