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buy Lyrica from canada The Caucasus Authors’ Course (CAC), more often referred to as CAC-School, is a unique and unprecedented school of journalism.
First of all, it brings together the journalists from across the Caucasus, including the conflict areas, i.e. young media professionals, including from the conflicting communities, are given a chance to get acquainted and quite often build cooperation with each other.

Secondly, a diverse Caucasus region is represented in the CAC-School not only by its students, but also by trainers .

ashwagandha plant to buy Thirdly, an intensive course, that helps young journalists become real professionals, does not prevent them from their job – the main part of training is conducted online, at the time suitable for the employed trainees.

Online training alternates with “real-time” lectures, conducted on the neutral ground for all Caucasus regions. They are built so that a trainer could simultaneously work with 3-4 trainees, not more.

“Not only have I professionally developed, but my vision of the world has also changed!”” — Ibragim Chochiev, class of 2004, Tskhinval/i


The course syllabus is based on three key modules:

–       Creative writing / investigative journalism

–       Conflict analysis / reporting

–       Photography / multimedia

–       Video / TV / documentary production

The school is designed for active professional journalists. Even they usually need to brush up on understanding of many fundamental issues related to modern genres, journalistic ethics and international media standards. Although these important issues are not put in a separate module, they are paid considerable attention to throughout the course.


CAC School trainers –  the experienced journalists and respected professionals, working in the different media spheres across the Caucasus region – creative writing, investigative reporting, conflict analysis, photo journalism and documentary filmmaking.

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