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@МM: MOBILE MEDIA (Multimedia and Minorities)

New media for a change

Students of the course, all trained by Go Group Media, make their short documentary films about those people in their communities who tend to be underreported by traditional media outlets: people with disabilities, women who face discrimination in their everyday lives, ethnic and religious minorities and many others.

The trainees use modern technologies and dynamic mobile platforms to edit and distribute their videos; while video material is filmed with smartphones. One of the main purposes of these films is to bring the voices of the film heroes to the broader audience.

“My film tells about the children with disabilities,” Mariam Sargsyan, a Stepanakert-based journalist said. “Unfortunately, I came up with difficulties while filming: most of parents did not what to talk to the media tending to isolate their children from the straingers. I want to change this situatioin, as I believe that the society must know the special needs of these children so that all of us realize how much our understanding means to them and to their parents.”

Go Group Media holds this new education program together with Prague-based organization Transitions; the course is supported by International Visegrad Fund, the National Endovment for Democracy and the Black Sea Trust for Regional cooperation. The course is designed for young journalists from all regions of South Caucasus, including the conflict zones. The journalists from Baku, Stepanakert, Sukhum/I, Tbilisi, Tskhinval/I, Yerevan went through intensive real-time training sessions, followed by online workshops. The final meeting is to take place soon.

Recently filmed by students:

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